Analytics and Reporting

Is there a point in spending money on creating websites and PPC campaigns but not knowing what and how’s? That is where we come in, at Apptology we believe in tracking the sentiments of human beings. We will track your conversions, your clicks and provide reports to make sure that you’re in on what and the how’s.

We want you to help you understand the sentiments of your customers better which is why analytics and reporting is very important. We will deliver insights and monitor daily traffic to gauge on those who can be generated as a lead. The insights we provide will help you focus your budget on areas that will surely bring you more traffic and if done well- conversions.

To lay it out simply, we will help you with

  • Web analytics set up
  • Conversion tracking
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content performance
  • Campaign analysis and performance
  • Data visualization

Have some questions? We would love to help you out so why don’t you contact us now so we can meet and explain the importance of analytics and reporting.


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