Mobile App Architecture

As the on-demand economy escalates and develops, more and more businesses are boarding our ship. The colossal demand of it gives a crystal clear indication that not only assures good return on investment for the application development but also does well for the users.

At Apptology we care deeply about code quality and maintainability of applications. In fact, the adage we follow is: "After functional correctness and performance, maintainability of the code base is the highest priority". We use finest architectural patterns for formulating our codebase to ensure that other programmers can intuitively find out the implementations for functionality they need to work on.

Also, we follow strict code formatting guidelines and coding conventions in order to ensure that the code is easy to read and effortless to navigate.

Mobile app architecture at Apptology:

  • Define MVC Modules,
  • Create Frameworks and Reusable Components
  • Define Network Layer, Database Layer, UI Layer
  • UI and Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development,
  • Check for quality assurance.
  • Maintain code to avoid obsolete apps.


  • Spatial Reasoning:We have the ability to think in 3-D, and visualize the dimensional relations between objects which is critical for successful App Development.
  • Client communication:Will always have a constant touch and feedback from you commencing from the problem detection phase
  • Concentrating on the scope:We always put ourselves in the user’s shoes and code the app.
  • Compliance with the standards:developers maintain the coding standards corresponding to the platform.
  • Moving with the trends:It is important for us to code for the modern world - new variations in productivity which astonishes our target audience.
  • User experience:Fascinating graphics, easy-to- use interface and smooth functionality of apps is our prime concern.

We are India's customer centric software development agency. We eat, breathe and sleep technology !


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