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Dream Moods

From the popular website, DreamMoods comes the ultimate dream interpretation app to help you analyze the meaning of your dreams.


  • Over 6000 dream symbols you can either search or browse through. Large database includes modern day symbols you won't find in most other dream dictionaries.
  • Save your key dream symbols to a calendar journal so you can easily keep track of what you dream about from day to day.
  • Built-in password-protected dream journal lets you type and/or voice record your dream.
  • Dynamic journal entries automatically link to key symbols in the dream dictionary for quick and easy interpretation.
  • Automatically keeps a history log of all the dream symbols you have looked at so you can easily refer back to them.
  • Integrated Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS function allows you to easily share dream symbols and meanings with others.
  • Download the app today and find out the meaning of what's in YOUR dream?!

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