Wire framing

Before developing visual designs and adding content of mobile apps and websites, basic structures, commonly known as wireframes, are generated in order to assist the informative key- points and design a framework which is easy for final approach. A wireframe is generally used to lay out content and functionality in sketch-like images which takes into account user needs and development journeys. To get an overview sketch of the project it is crucial for every web-app development company to have web and mobile app wireframes professionals.

While designing apps and websites we keep couple of elements in our mind like- themes, colors, fonts, videos and images. To make these things function as desired there needs to be a backbone structure beneath it, where our website wireframe specialists come into play. Apptology has best wireframe professionals in Delhi, who generate terrific layout of the apps and websites that demonstrates which interface elements will exist on key pages.

  • We believe in conceptualizing the whole project first, before jumping in without understanding the design structure.
  • Latest and best wireframe tools like LucidChart, are used to generate wireframes.
  • We emphasize on the development of the wireframes to a final version because it provides our clients and design team assurance and confidence that the page is working to user needs whilst fulfilling the key business and project objectives.
  • Our wireframes provide an early and depictive visual that can be used to review with theclient.
  • Allow clients to review it as an early feedback mechanism and for prototype usability tests.

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